Cutting chain grinder and method of grinding in Blount patent

uspatent-7175512.gifA cutting chain bench grinder includes a self-centering vise that centers the cutting chain on an axis of rotation of the vise base. By centering the cutting chain to intersect the vise base axis of rotation, consistent top plate lengths and hook angles can be ground into left and right-hand cutters on a cutting chain. The vise base may also be adjusted horizontally in and out from the grinder base to align the vise base axis of rotation with the axis of rotation of the grinding wheel. The vise base may also be adjusted vertically relative to the vise base to vertically compensate for grinding wheel wear and to control grinding depth.

A light tension spring may be used to bias the grinding head in both grinding and dressing positions. A down angle positioner may also be provided that rotates the cutting chain in the vise around a longitudinal centerline of the cutting chain.

Patent Number: United States Patent 7,175,512
Date of Patent: February 13, 2007

February 2007
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