Chainsaw bar tensioning apparatus in Carlton patent

uspatent-7185437-tumb.gifA chain saw bar tensioning apparatus is disclosed comprising a sliding member having a recess formed therein. The sliding member is adjacent to a first tensioning member that biases the sliding member in a direction such that when the apparatus is incorporated into a chain saw bar and mounted to a chain saw having a mounting stud, the sliding member is biased towards the mounting stud.

The apparatus further comprises a latch adjacent to a second tensioning member. The recess of the sliding member is configured to receive the latch and the second tensioning member biases the latch towards the sliding member such that, when the sliding member is forced in a direction away from the mounting stud, the latch will eventually enter the recess and prevent the sliding member from moving towards the mounting stud.

Patent Number: United States Patent 7,185,437
Date of Patent: March 6, 2007



March 2007
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