80 years DOLMAR. History.

dolmar_80_ohne_rahmen.jpgCorporate history is often linked with history in general and with developments that make history. E. Lerp & Co., for example, was a Hamburg company from the very beginning. Emil Lerp formed it due to his development of the world’s first petrol chain saw in 1927: The DOLMAR chain saw model A.

The DOLMAR chainsaw model A weighed 58 kg and was operated by two persons. It had a HP of 8.0 (5.9 kW) and
a displacement of 245 cmі.

dolmar_typa.jpgWhy is DOLMAR called DOLMAR? Emil Lerp was a modern, forward-looking entrepreneur who knew how to motivate his staff. He organised an internal competition and asked the contestants to come up with a name for his saw. It had to be simple, sound good and easy to pronounce in many languages. It was Emil Lerp’s own wife, Martha, of all people, who was the winner with her suggestion to call the saw DOLMAR. This was because the petrol chain saw of 1927 was used for the fi rst time on top of Dolmar Mountain in Thuringia, which reaches an altitude of 739 metres. Emil Lerp was also a native of Thuringia and Dolmar Mountain was a holiday spot that his family would often frequent.

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March 2007
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