Dolmar announced new chainsaws

The new PS-420 and PS-350 compact petrol chainsaws from Dolmar are driven by powerful, free-revving and high-torque engines made from lightweight magnesium castings. Featuring a vertical 6-port die-cast cylinder, the engines have displacements of 42 cmі and 35 cmі respectively and are rated at 2.1 kW and 1.6 kW. The side-mounted air intake on the engine housing is positioned to ensure that the combustion air is drawn in where it is likely to be cleanest – well away from sawdust and chips.

For many homeowners, the hardest part of using a petrol chainsaw is getting it started. So they in particular will welcome the spring-assisted starting system fitted to the new Dolmar compact class chainsaws. This clever and sophisticated starting system is a minor technical triumph and makes the new chainsaws much easier to start and a real pleasure to use. The system works by using spring pressure to help overcome the compression resistance.

The easy-start system developed by Dolmar’s engineers and fitted as standard is characterized by a new ignition curve for optimized engine management, particularly at the starting stage. 3 or 4 strokes on the fuel pump (primer) fitted as standard serves to fill the LE carburettor with fuel. For easier starting from cold the combination switch is moved to its upper position to operate the half-throttle and choke functions. Now the chainsaw can be started with very little effort just by pulling the starter cord a few times.

An important new safety feature is Dolmar’s “Touch & Stop System”. As the name suggests: just a light dab on the combination switch will cause the engine to cut out immediately in any situation, and the switch will automatically return to its starting position. The servicing position also doubles as an effective child safety lock. All that’s required is to depress the combination switch fully until it locks in the safety position.

The large-capacity air filter has sloping sides, preventing dirt from collecting on the surface, while a collar around the housing effectively prevents dirt ingress from outside. Maintenance and cleaning of the air filter could not be simpler. The cover is held in place by a central screw and clips, which can be removed without tools for quick, easy cleaning of the nylon mesh filter insert.

The sturdy plastic sprocket cover is carefully designed to eject the chips away from the operator and the work area. The lateral chain tensioning facility makes light work of tensioning the chain, while the guide bar is held securely in place by a twin bolt system.

The externally mounted sprocket makes it much easier to fit the chain and also facilitates cleaning of the chain operating area. The screw-on bumper spike is a very useful aid, especially when cutting large logs to length. The internally mounted, carefully shielded chain brake utilizes a toggle joint mechanism and is fitted with a 380° brake band for dependable and highly effective braking.

An effective built-in damping system uses four heavy-duty steel springs to absorb the vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted to the machine’s handles, making it noticeably less tiring to work with for extended periods. The fuel tank filler cap and the large and easily accessible S-shaped oil tank filler cap with trapezoidal threads can be removed quickly and easily using the combination wrench supplied. The tanks have generously sized filler openings to accommodate the safety filler spouts that are available from Dolmar’s extensive range of accessories.

Both models in Dolmar’s new compact class are fitted with stainless steel mufflers. As the new, tougher EU emission standards come into effect, later production models of the new chainsaws will be equipped with a catalytic converter.

Extended trials were conducted with amateur and professional users to see how the new Dolmar compact class performed under real-life conditions. The outcome of the tests is unequivocal: the new PS-420 and PS-350 petrol chainsaws exhibit ideal handling characteristics, are easy to use and uncompromisingly user-friendly on all counts. The test users were also very impressed by the high quality and sophisticated design of these tools, their high standard of assembly and finish, outstanding ease of maintenance and excellent starting characteristics.

Dolmar press-release

June 2007
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