Flagship Product since 105 Years: 10 Billion Spark Plugs Made by Bosch

bosch_plug_plant.jpgThe 10-billionth Bosch spark plug recently rolled off the production line at the Bamberg plant, making Bosch the world’s most prolific manufacturer of spark plugs. The vast majority, 8 billion, of the Bosch spark plugs were manufactured at the Bamberg plant, founded in 1939, with the remaining spark plugs being produced in other plants around the world. Laid end-to-end, all the Bosch spark plugs together would form a chain stretching for more than 560,000 kilometers, circling the equator around 14 times. A hundred years ago, Bosch produced just a few hundred spark plugs a year. Today, the figure is more than 300 million, and the spark plugs are produced in factories around the world. The plant in Bamberg is the primary plant for Bosch spark plug production and sets production standards for all the other Bosch spark plug plants. Bosch factories in India, Brazil, China and Russia also produce spark plugs for the local automotive industries and markets according to Bosch’s worldwide quality standards.

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July 2007