Husqvarna acquires Soff-Cut, a US producer of concrete saws

soff-cut-saw.jpgHusqvarna has acquired Soff-Cut International Inc., based in Corona, California.

Soff-Cut is the leading producer of concrete saws for early entry concrete sawing. This technology enables concrete to be cut before it is fully set, which minimizes the risk of random cracking and also simplifies the working process in comparison with conventional sawing.

In 2006 Soff-Cut reported sales of approximately USD 35.4 million (approximately SEK 240m) and had about 70 employees. The majority of sales are in the US.

The operation will be included in Husqvarna ’s accounts as of 1 June 2007.

“Soff-Cut has developed a unique patented system for early entry concrete sawing”. The acquisition enables us to continue strengthening our position as a supplier to the construction industry. We expect to achieve considerable synergies with our existing operation in administration, purchasing, production and distribution”, says Anders Strцby, head of Husqvarna Construction Products.

Husqvarna Group

June 2007

President George W. Bush Receives New Husqvarna Brushcutter from Swedish Prime Minister

The prime minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, held meetings yesterday with President George W. Bush to discuss environmental and trade issues. As a matter of protocol, the prime minister presented President Bush with a gift from Sweden: a new Husqvarna 335Rx brushcutter.

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May 2007

Husqvarna AB: annual 2006

Net sales

Net sales in 2006 rose by 2% to SEK 29,402m as against SEK28,768m in the previous year. After adjustment for exchange rate ?uctuations, net sales also rose by 2%.

The low growth in sales as compared with the previous year is mainly explained by lower demand and a decline in sales of consumer garden products. Also, sales of chainsaws were par-ticularly strong in 2005 due to hurricanes in the US and effects of storms in Scandinavia.
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April 2007

Energy storing starter assembly in Husqvarna patent

uspatent-7191752.gifAn energy storing starter assembly comprising a pulley, a hub and a buffering component. The buffering component provides a resilient connection between the pulley and the hub, and is designed to store and transmit energy between the pulley and the hub. The ends of the buffering component are further designed to be interchangeable, such that either end of the buffering component may be received by either the hub or the pulley.

Patent Number: United States Patent 7,191,752
Date of Patent: March 20, 2007

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March 2007

Husqvarna AB: Consolidated results for 2006

  • Net sales for the full year 2006 rose to SEK 29,402m (28,768) and income for the period pro forma to SEK 1,862m (1,641), corresponding to SEK 6.29 (5.54) per share
  • Operating income for the fourth quarter increased to SEK 346m (327), and margin improved to 7.6% (6.5).

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March 2007

Final agreement for acquisition of Komatsu Zenoah’s outdoor-products operation

Husqvarna has today signed a final agreement with Komatsu Zenoah Co. regarding acquisition of the outdoor power products operation within Komatsu Zenoah Co.

The acquisition is expected to be completed in the beginning of April 2007 subject to approval by the relevant authorities. The operation will be consolidated in the Group’s accounts within Professional Products. The purchase price is approximately JPY 18.2 billion (approximately USD 155m) on a debt-free basis.

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January 2007

Husqvarna acquires Klippo

klippo_logo.gifHusqvarna has signed an agreement to acquire Klippo AB, the largest producer of petrol-driven walk-behind lawn mowers for the Swedish market.

Klippo’s product offering mainly includes walk-behind lawn mowers for professional users. In 2005, the company reported sales of approximately USD 20.5 m (140 MSEK) and operating income of approximately USD 3 m (20 MSEK). Sweden accounts for approximately two thirds of sales. The company has about 50 employees, and manufacturing is based in Sweden.

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January 2007