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Makita Cordless Chainsaws

New Age Technology

Makita is a Japanese multinational involved with the manufacture of industrial power tools. It was founded way back in 1915 in Anjo but today it has factories in many parts of the world such as in Brazil, US, Canada, China, Mexico, UK, and US. Today the company is making garden tools and woodworking machines in addition to making household tools. Makita is the company that introduced the first cordless chainsaw to the world in the form of a 4 inch 12V chainsaw called UC120DWD. It is powered by 12V Ni-MH battery and has electric brake with lock off switch in place.

This wonderful chainsaw can cut up to 93 pieces of up to 1inch wood after a single charge. Makita cordless chainsaw is perfect for trimming of small trees and branches in your garden or for cutting firewood. It has a noiseless operation making it ideal for places where noise restrictions are in place. Makita manufactures a wide range of cordless chainsaws with voltage range of 12-36V. The company makes use of Li-ion battery in place of Ni-MH battery nowadays. Other power tools made by Makita include drills, hammers, hedge trimmer kits, string trimmer kits, screwdrivers, grinder kit, and so on.

Model Weight Power Output  
Makita BUC121 cordless chainsaws line
Makita BUC1210.00 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita BUC122 cordless chainsaws line
Makita BUC1220.00 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita BUC250 cordless chainsaws line
Makita BUC2500.00 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »

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