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Efco Chainsaws

Efco is not only famous for its equipments, but also for its timely and quality services. Its technical assistance will provide you peace of mind and would help you become more efficient as well. The best way to know is by using it once. Trimming the hedges, mowing your lawn and pruning are important tasks, which help you to keep your lawn and garden look good and maintain a healthy environment. However, these jobs are also a good means of leisure activities or hobbies for majority of the outdoor lovers. Every Efco machine offers high standards that finally make your outdoor activity happiness easier and effective. However, as with any outdoor tool, machines must come to a proper and guided use for a better health and long lasting life of the property.

In addition, Efco®, makers of the famous Italian outdoor power tools recently introduced a tool gadget that enables you to sharpen the chainsaw at home itself. Yes, they introduced world’s only self-sharpening factory equipped chainsaws. Thanks to this development, the new Efco® MT 3750, MT 4100 and the MT 3500 will now be easier to sharpen them and easier to use as well. The power sharp system tool is indeed very easy to use and handle. This innovative invention proved a crystal for Efco’s success run.

Model Weight Power Output  
Efco 1252.80 kg.0.90 kW/1.20 HPmore detail »
Efco 132 S3.40 kg.1.20 kW/1.60 HPmore detail »
Efco 1364.00 kg.1.60 kW/2.10 HPmore detail »
Efco 1404.10 kg.1.70 kW/2.40 HPmore detail »
Efco 140 S4.10 kg.1.70 kW/2.40 HPmore detail »
Efco 1474.90 kg.2.30 kW/3.10 HPmore detail »
Efco 1525.00 kg.2.50 kW/3.40 HPmore detail »
Efco 1565.50 kg.3.10 kW/4.10 HPmore detail »
Efco 1625.50 kg.3.50 kW/4.70 HPmore detail »
Efco 165 HD5.80 kg.3.20 kW/4.35 HPmore detail »
Efco 1716.60 kg.3.80 kW/5.10 HPmore detail »
Efco 1816.80 kg.4.20 kW/5.70 HPmore detail »
Efco 185 HD7.80 kg.4.20 kW/5.70 HPmore detail »
Efco 19910.00 kg.5.00 kW/6.80 HPmore detail »
Efco MT 26002.80 kg.0.90 kW/1.20 HPmore detail »

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