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Oleo-Mac Chainsaws

Oleo-Mac chainsaws come to their manufacture by Emak S.p.A. Majority of the professionals and home users select these chainsaws due to their superiority over others in terms of performance, quality and reliability. This is the reason why Oleo-Mac produces a quote saying, “Once you go Oleo-Mac, there is no looking back” with all the Oleo-Mac users as their prime promoters.

Oleo-Mac chainsaws are really long lasting. It is similar to any other long-term investment with satisfaction. They also guarantee its life span and ensure that the machine will not need replacement within two years. Parts of these chainsaws manufacture from premium materials and parts considering the harsh climates and surroundings of New Zealand. They sell and get easy services in New Zealand, but get their effective design in Italy. Parts for these chainsaws and other outdoor tools are available easily. The Oleo-Mac dealers and service shops in your locality can now easily attend your servicing requirements. The machines under the name Ole-Mac are very user-friendly, easy to use and very comfortable as compared to other machines. These machines come to their massive use by a large number of professionals. The main reason behind it is the noise cancellation or reduced noise feature.

Model Weight Power Output  
Oleo-Mac 9252.80 kg.0.90 kW/1.20 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9313.40 kg.0.00 kW/1.50 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 932C3.40 kg.1.20 kW/1.60 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 935 dx4.10 kg.1.25 kW/1.70 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 935 X4.00 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9364.00 kg.1.60 kW/2.10 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9374.10 kg.1.60 kW/2.20 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9384.90 kg.0.00 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9404.10 kg.1.70 kW/2.40 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 940C4.10 kg.1.70 kW/2.40 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9414.90 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 941 C4.20 kg.1.80 kW/2.50 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 941 CX4.20 kg.1.80 kW/2.50 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9425.00 kg.1.90 kW/2.50 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9465.00 kg.2.10 kW/2.90 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9474.90 kg.2.30 kW/3.10 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9515.00 kg.0.00 kW/3.20 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9525.00 kg.2.50 kW/3.40 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9565.50 kg.3.10 kW/4.10 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9625.50 kg.3.50 kW/4.70 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 965HD5.00 kg.3.00 kW/4.00 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9716.60 kg.3.80 kW/5.10 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 9816.80 kg.4.20 kW/5.70 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 985HD7.80 kg.4.20 kW/5.70 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac 999F10.00 kg.5.00 kW/6.80 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 2602.80 kg.0.90 kW/1.20 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 354.40 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 35 C4.40 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 3504.40 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 3704.10 kg.1.60 kW/2.20 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 410C4.20 kg.1.80 kW/2.50 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 410CX4.20 kg.1.80 kW/2.50 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 444.30 kg.2.20 kW/2.90 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 7206.80 kg.4.00 kW/5.40 HPmore detail »
Oleo-Mac GS 8207.10 kg.4.40 kW/6.00 HPmore detail »

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