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Dolmar Chainsaws

DOLMAR is one of the oldest gasoline chainsaw manufacturers headquartered at Hamburg, Germany. Innovation is a tradition at DOLMAR, which is the world’s most original manufacturer of gasoline chainsaws. It is a leader in manufacturing comprehensive collection of power products for forestry, utility, industrial applications, grounds, construction and agriculture. The reason that makes DOLMAR chainsaws preferred ones is due to their high torque engine that helps them to provide good start in any position, easy to optimize, effective vibration damping and high quality regulated oil pump.

DOLMAR has been committed now for 40 years and for generations to come to build desirable communities, well-planned commercial and durable homes, modern medium-rise condominiums and other developments in accessible locations. It is the one, which you can count on for a brighter tomorrow. Irrespective of the development, be it your family’s first home or your commercial business space, DOLMAR is the one you can count on. Emil Lerp, the founder of DOLMAR in 1972, developed the “type A” saw. This saw weighed 125 lbs and required two workers to operate. The saw underwent testing in the Mount Dolmar in Thuringer forest, and the company acquired its name from the test site. However, in 1991, the Japanese tool manufacturer Makita acquired the company.

Model Weight Power Output  
Dolmar 109 chainsaws line
Dolmar 1095.20 kg.2.00 kW/2.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar 109 Happy Start5.20 kg.2.00 kW/2.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar 110 chainsaws line
Dolmar 1105.20 kg.2.30 kW/3.10 HPmore detail »
Dolmar 111 chainsaws line
Dolmar 1115.20 kg.2.40 kW/3.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar 115 chainsaws line
Dolmar 1155.20 kg.2.70 kW/3.70 HPmore detail »
Dolmar 115 H5.30 kg.2.70 kW/3.70 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-221 TH chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-221 TH2.50 kg.0.75 kW/1.02 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-222 TH chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-222 TH2.50 kg.0.74 kW/1.02 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-32 C chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-32 C4.20 kg.1.35 kW/1.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-32 C TLC4.30 kg.1.35 kW/1.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-330 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-3303.90 kg.1.40 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-34 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-344.70 kg.1.30 kW/1.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-340 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-3403.90 kg.1.40 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-341 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-3413.90 kg.1.40 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-3410 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-34103.50 kg.1.40 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-3410 TH chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-3410 TH3.50 kg.1.40 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-3410 TH TLC3.60 kg.1.40 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-35 C chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-35 C4.40 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-350 SC chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-350 SC4.90 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-400 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-4004.00 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-401 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-4014.00 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-410 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-4104.00 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-411 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-4114.00 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-420 SC chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-420 SC4.90 kg.2.20 kW/3.00 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-460 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-4605.50 kg.2.20 kW/3.00 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-4600 S chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-4600 S5.10 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-4600 SH5.20 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-5000 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-50005.10 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-5000 H5.10 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-6400 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-64006.30 kg.3.50 kW/4.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-6400 H6.30 kg.3.50 kW/4.80 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-7300 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-73006.30 kg.4.20 kW/5.70 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-7300 H6.30 kg.4.20 kW/5.70 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-7900 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-79006.30 kg.4.60 kW/6.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-7900 H6.30 kg.4.60 kW/6.30 HPmore detail »
Dolmar PS-9010 chainsaws line
Dolmar PS-90108.20 kg.4.90 kW/6.70 HPmore detail »

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