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Stihl Chainsaws

STIHL is the number one selling brand for outdoor handheld power equipments in America. It is a trusted name not just for homeowners, but also among professionals who wish to have tools with power packed performance of their tools. The main reason for it being the most wanted brand name is that it provides outdoor equipments, which are long lasting and dependable. Since more than 80 years, STIHL leads the industry through innovative inventions produced for the nation and globe. They assure their products to be the technologically developed and deliver timely performance and support.

However, another reason for its strong hold over the industry is the performance, higher fuel efficiency and comfort for the users. Not only the chainsaws, but also the entire lines of blowers, trimmers and many other tools are manufactured under strict supervision. This process of considering the most rigid and multifunctional aspects helps to make the equipments of STIHL the best and renowned tools, which come handy in advantageous ways. STIHL also ensures to consider leisure and fund aspects of every consumer and thus manufactures and declares the pricing of its products. Considering these standards and functioning, STIHL has a quality brand name and is a much-preferred option for majority of the consumers.

Model Weight Power Output  
Stihl MS 150 C-E chainsaws line
Stihl MS 150 C-E2.80 kg.1.00 kW/1.30 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 150 TC chainsaws line
Stihl MS 150 TC2.60 kg.1.00 kW/1.40 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 170 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 1703.90 kg.1.30 kW/1.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 170-D4.10 kg.1.20 kW/1.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 180 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 1803.90 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 180 C-B4.00 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 180 C-B D4.20 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 180 C-BE4.20 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 181 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 1814.30 kg.1.50 kW/2.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 192 C-E chainsaws line
Stihl MS 192 C-E3.30 kg.1.30 kW/1.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 192 T chainsaws line
Stihl MS 192 T3.00 kg.1.30 kW/1.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 200 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2003.80 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 200 T chainsaws line
Stihl MS 200 T3.50 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 201 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2014.00 kg.1.80 kW/2.40 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 210 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2104.40 kg.1.60 kW/2.20 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 210 C-BE4.80 kg.1.60 kW/2.20 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 211 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2114.30 kg.1.70 kW/2.30 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 230 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2304.60 kg.2.00 kW/2.70 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 230 C-B4.70 kg.2.00 kW/2.70 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 230 C-BE4.90 kg.2.00 kW/2.70 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 231 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2314.90 kg.2.00 kW/2.70 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 240 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2404.70 kg.2.10 kW/2.90 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 241 C-M chainsaws line
Stihl MS 241 C-M4.70 kg.2.20 kW/3.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 250 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2504.60 kg.2.30 kW/3.10 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 250 C-B4.70 kg.2.30 kW/3.10 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 250 C-BE4.90 kg.2.30 kW/3.10 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 251 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2514.90 kg.2.20 kW/3.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 260 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2604.80 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 260 C-B4.90 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 260 PRO4.80 kg.2.40 kW/3.20 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 260-D4.90 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 260-DW5.20 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 260-W5.00 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 261 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2615.20 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 261 C-Q5.30 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 261-VW5.40 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 270 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2705.30 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 270 C-B5.40 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 271 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2715.60 kg.2.60 kW/3.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 280 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2805.30 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 280 C-B5.40 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 280 C-BQ5.50 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 290 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 2905.90 kg.3.00 kW/4.10 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 310 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 3105.90 kg.3.20 kW/4.40 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 341 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 3415.50 kg.3.10 kW/4.20 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 360 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 3605.70 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 361 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 3615.60 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 361 C5.70 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 361 C-Q5.70 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 361-W5.80 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 362 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 3625.90 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 362-VW6.00 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 380 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 3806.60 kg.3.60 kW/4.90 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 390 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 3905.90 kg.3.40 kW/4.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 440 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 4406.30 kg.4.00 kW/5.40 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 440-D6.70 kg.4.00 kW/5.40 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 440-VW6.50 kg.4.00 kW/5.40 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 440-W6.50 kg.4.00 kW/5.40 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 441 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 4416.60 kg.4.10 kW/5.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 441 C-Q6.70 kg.4.10 kW/5.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 441-W6.70 kg.4.10 kW/5.60 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 460 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 4606.60 kg.4.40 kW/6.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 460-D6.90 kg.4.40 kW/6.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 460-W6.70 kg.4.40 kW/6.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 460-R (RHD) chainsaws line
Stihl MS 460-R (RHD)7.00 kg.4.40 kW/6.00 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 650 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 6507.30 kg.4.80 kW/6.50 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 660 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 6607.30 kg.5.20 kW/7.10 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 660-W7.50 kg.5.20 kW/7.10 HPmore detail »
Stihl MS 880 chainsaws line
Stihl MS 8809.90 kg.6.40 kW/8.70 HPmore detail »

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