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Makita Chainsaws

Makita Corporation founded in the year 1915 is a Japanese firm. The company manufactures power tools for consumer and professional applications and operates manufacturing houses in the USA, UK, Mexico, Romania, Japan, Canada, Brazil and China. The yearly turnover for the company is around $1.8 US billion. With around 100 years of excellent experience in advanced designing of motors, the company applies some of the best and innovative engineers to create the best power tools for the customers.

Power tools of Makita are light in weight and powerful at the same time. They are efficient and compact compared to other power tools available today. The company has around 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing advanced power tools and motors. It makes use of high quality materials for making each motor part. All the products undergo rigorous quality tests before introducing them to the market. Lastly, the tools of Makita are highly reliable among others available today.

Model Weight Power Output  
Makita DCS33 chainsaws line
Makita DCS333.90 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS34 chainsaws line
Makita DCS344.70 kg.1.30 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS3400 chainsaws line
Makita DCS34003.20 kg.1.40 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS3400TH chainsaws line
Makita DCS3400TH3.20 kg.1.40 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS341 chainsaws line
Makita DCS3413.90 kg.1.40 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS3500 chainsaws line
Makita DCS35004.70 kg.1.50 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS3501 chainsaws line
Makita DCS35014.70 kg.1.50 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS400 chainsaws line
Makita DCS4004.00 kg.1.70 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS401 chainsaws line
Makita DCS4014.00 kg.1.70 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS430 chainsaws line
Makita DCS4304.60 kg.2.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS4300i chainsaws line
Makita DCS4300i4.60 kg.2.30 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS460 chainsaws line
Makita DCS4605.50 kg.2.20 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS4600-S chainsaws line
Makita DCS4600-S5.10 kg.2.60 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS5000 chainsaws line
Makita DCS50005.10 kg.2.80 kW/3.80 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS5001 chainsaws line
Makita DCS50010.00 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS510 chainsaws line
Makita DCS5105.50 kg.3.30 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS520 chainsaws line
Makita DCS5204.60 kg.2.40 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS5200i chainsaws line
Makita DCS5200i4.60 kg.2.70 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS540 chainsaws line
Makita DCS5404.60 kg.0.00 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS6000i chainsaws line
Makita DCS6000i6.60 kg.3.10 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS6400 chainsaws line
Makita DCS64006.30 kg.3.50 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS6401 chainsaws line
Makita DCS64016.30 kg.3.50 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS6800i chainsaws line
Makita DCS6800i6.60 kg.3.70 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS7300 chainsaws line
Makita DCS73006.30 kg.4.20 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS7301 chainsaws line
Makita DCS73016.30 kg.4.20 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS7900 chainsaws line
Makita DCS79006.30 kg.4.60 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita DCS7901 chainsaws line
Makita DCS79016.30 kg.4.60 kW/0.00 HPmore detail »
Makita EA3110T chainsaws line
Makita EA3110T3.20 kg.1.00 kW/1.40 HPmore detail »
Makita EA3202S chainsaws line
Makita EA3202S4.00 kg.1.35 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Makita EA3203S chainsaws line
Makita EA3203S4.10 kg.1.35 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »
Makita EA3203S40B0.00 kg.1.35 kW/1.90 HPmore detail »

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